Just the classics

On my next stop, I decided to check out a place right next to the Plaza of Maria Pita in the heart of Coruña. I had heard about Sweet Place from a few friends and had walked past the cafe several times, and I was curious to see what it´s like. Once again I was accompanied by my boyfriend, who has no problem eating American style desserts (especially after our recent trip to the US for Christmas). We went after the holidays which was a nice relief from the crowds and we had more time to relax and enjoy the experience.

The bakery case was quite empty because we had gone fairly late in the evening, but there were still delicious looking options available. We ordered a cappuccino, a lemon cupcake, and an oreo brownie. The waiter was friendly and fast and we were served in no time. The cappuccino had a lot of chocolate inside and on top, which makes it more of a mocha, but we thought it left something to be desired. The lemon cupcake was light and had nice flavor, however the sugar in the frosting was quite overpowering. The cake was a basic white cake and it was your typical American cupcake, no more and no less. The oreo brownie was probably the winner because it was served warm and was soft and gooey. The crumbled oreos on top provided a slight crunch and it was just delightful.

The interior is very similar to Moon Cake, with white and pastel colors adorning the walls, and small tables for groups of two or four. They offer a variety of cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies, coffee and smoothies, so there is something for all tastes. Overall we had a pleasant experience at Sweet Place although I wouldn’t give the highest rating to their sweets. For a centrally located cafe with variety and decent prices, it did the job.