Hidden gem

This next cafe is right in the center of Coruña but it´s tucked away, and you probably wouldn´t know about it unless someone told you. This was the case for me, when a friend of mine who used to live on Calle San Andres discovered it. It´s called La Marmota and she suggested we go there for lunch one day, which we did, however I was a bit disappointed. The menu options were interesting and caught my attention, but they weren´t executed well. When it came time for dessert, I was very pleasantly surprised. They had an incredible range of cakes and all of them looked wonderful. I went back again with my boyfriend one day and we shared a piece of mocha cake, which was absolutely delicious.

I decided to visit again to give you the most recent review and to see if anything had changed. I went in the early evening on a weekday so there weren´t many people inside, and I sat in my favorite spot: a big floral sofa tucked into wall next to a beautiful display of baked goods. To decide what to order I went over and took a look at the refrigerator where they keep all of the cakes. Here, unlike the other cafes I visited, they specialize in full size cakes and bizcochos, so it´s not your typical cupcakes and brownies kind of place. All of their cakes looked incredible and they even had one with chocolate, peanut butter and pistachios! I was considering ordering that, but the cheesecake+brownie is what really caught my eye.

The nice young waitress quickly brought the dessert and coffee to my table. The portion of the cake was enormous! The bottom layer was a rich, dense brownie and the top layer was a soft, creamy cheesecake. It was incredibly rich and delicious, but so much so that I couldn´t finish it! I asked for a small plastic container to take the rest home with me. The warm, cozy interior and friendly service made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed my experience at La Marmota. The lunch menu had changed a bit as well and the desserts are always changing. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to come. Whether you come for breakfast or for an afternoon pick me up, you won´t be disappointed.