A Monte Alto secret

There´s a place here in Monte Alto that I first heard about from a Facebook post by a fellow American girl living in Coruña. She said that there´s a place called Migas which is run by a young American woman and her food hits the spot. Since I live in Monte Alto, I just had to check it out. I first went one day during the summer when I had an incredible craving for a brownie, and it did not disappoint. For the purpose of this blog, I decided to revisit this spot and to try something different.

I arrived one afternoon on a cold and windy day, and the cafe was completely full. There were friends catching up, families having a sweet bite after school, and a father and son in search of some coffee. I decided to pick out a few items and take them home to enjoy them. The girl working had her hands full, between attending to the customers and going back to the kitchen to make the fresh homemade juices and smoothies. While I waited, I looked at the options in the bakery case and had to make a difficult decision. There were vegan muffins, three different types of brownies, three different types of cheesecake, and a selection of cupcakes. She even had a pumpkin scone! It´s so hard to find pumpkin flavored products here because it´s just not such a cultural phenomenon like it is in the States.

Finally the nice waitress gave me a small to-go box with my selections: carrot cake and tiramisu cupcakes. I took them home to eat them with a hot cup of tea. The appearance alone made me want to dive into them right away. The carrot cake cupcake had a base that was exactly the moist carrot cake style I was looking for, filled with walnuts and plump raisins. The frosting was a cream cheese frosting, very rich and dense with crumbled walnuts sprinkled on top. It was so rich that I actually questioned eating the other cupcake at that moment or saving it for the next day. However it didn´t take me long to start on the next cupcake [I wanted to eat it while it was fresh ya know ;)]. The yellow cake base had a small inner part that was soaked in coffee, and the frosting was made with smooth and airy mascarpone. It was topped off with a dusting of cocoa powder.

These cupcakes were to die for and probably the best quality cupcakes in town. The first time I had gone to Migas I met the owner and she´s an incredibly kind woman. She even suggested that I come on Saturday mornings to check out her brunch that includes fluffy pancakes with maple syrup! Basically I´m in love with this place and am so grateful that it´s right in my neighborhood. For a unique selection of sweets, great quality, and kind service you absolutely must visit Migas.


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