Delicious and quaint

The first stop on my sweets tour is a familiar one. This past year some American friends of mine told me about a place called Moon Cake. They said the cupcakes were delicious and after checking it out myself I agreed 100%. So I decided to revisit this cute establishment located right in the center of Coruña on Calle Galera to try some of their other sweet offerings.

Our timing wasn’t the best that day as we went on a Saturday evening just before Christmas. The place was filled with families and young children and the two workers were quite stressed from the crowd. At the front counter we ordered a brownie, chocolate coconut cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, and a coffee. We had to wait quite a while for them to deliver the food to our table, but after the first bite of that brownie I completely forgot about the delay.

The brownie was a thick square full of rich, dark chocolate flavor. It was soft and fudgy, just as a brownie should be. The coconut cupcake, which was probably our favorite, had a soft chocolate cake base and the rich, buttery frosting seeped down into the center of the cupcake. It was topped off with a hard chocolate shell and coconut flakes. The beautiful combination of the chocolate and coconut flavors made me feel like I was in paradise. The chocolate chip cookie was something I was really looking forward to trying because in my opinion it’s very hard to find a soft, American style cookie here in Spain. The cookie was thick, had a crunchy outside and soft inside, and just the right amount of chocolate chips. I was very pleased! The coffee was hot and strong and just the right size to accompany all of those delclious things.

Although the service was slow at first, the waitress apologized many times and was very pleasant with us. The interior of the cafe is painted a soft blue and pastel colors abound in the decor. There are plenty of seats for customers and even a small terrace in front to enjoy in the warmer months. All in all, Moon Cake Bakery is a definite must if you’re looking for some very well done treats at a great price in a cozy environment.


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